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Not very tasty chicken, a little too salty. But great value for money!

Kevin, 09 Feb 2021

excellent service

Khazin, 09 Feb 2021

Specifically ordered a quarter pounder with no cheese wrote in comments couldn’t eat it, no problem with anything else however good food

Jack Weston, 07 Feb 2021

Too salty fries and burger fillets.

Nasima, 28 Jan 2021

Love the peri peri deal the chicken is so delicious

Sonia, 17 Jan 2021

The sets were good, i.e. the size of the chicken particles corresponded. We also ordered whole chickens, the size of which left no doubts as to the quality of the order. Unfortunately ... I was totally disappointed with the last two orders ... The first one with whole chickens for £ 19.99 was half the size (previously I ordered one for around 13.99 Green Family 2), for the £ 19.99 Familly Grilled Meal 2 I got just this. Two meager spicy chickens instead of two big ones from the order of 19.99GBP. Two days ago I ordered (after the price increase) a set in a Family Special bucket for 21.99 for 0.30 hour because I was returning from work. The order was delivered 5 minutes after my return from work at 23.30, which is an hour earlier !!!! But that wasn't the worst ... The set did not match the order at all. 4 medium pieces of chicken and only small wings. Shock. I paid over £ 20 for that shit. Never again....

Debski, 14 Jan 2021

Order was missing fries in the complete box

Ryan, 10 Jan 2021

My order was missing fries in the complete box

Ryan, 10 Jan 2021

Very tasty, even greater value for money with promotions. A fantastic service from staff, as always.

Thomas, 09 Jan 2021

Call to my number when you are out

Angel, 04 Jan 2021

It is gd quality

Leeann, 03 Jan 2021

It is gd quality

Leeann, 03 Jan 2021


Shinda, 02 Jan 2021

what b.s. calling calling no awnser.

Khazin, 02 Jan 2021

45 mints and food cold as ice

Khazin, 02 Jan 2021

45 mints and food cold as ice.

Khazin, 02 Jan 2021

I placed an order nearly 2 hours ago. I have had no confirmation email and no one is picking the phone

Vongaishe, 09 Dec 2020

Food didn’t come

Amilton, 05 Dec 2020


Iain, 05 Dec 2020

Revising my feedback. Food was delivered eventually, and was cold presumably because of the delivery time. Props to the restaurant for getting the driver on the right track.

Jun Hao, 26 Nov 2020

Paid for food that didn't arrive. Tried calling multiple times and no one picked up. I deliberately avoided using Deliveroo as they charge restaurants 30% for their services and ordered directly from the restaurant; looks like this isn't a good idea then.

Jun Hao, 26 Nov 2020

It’s was hard to even pay

Amilton, 19 Nov 2020

Qualityand good prixe

Azan, 19 Nov 2020

Food very tasty arrived in great time

Allan, 16 Nov 2020

I paid £22.49 today for a Family Special Collection order through the Just Eat app. When I arrived to collect the same order is advertised at £18.99 in store. When I questioned this the staff shrugged their shoulders and said that they were not responsible for pricing. When I got home I found that a Family Special is only £13.99 direct from your own website. This is unacceptable. If you do not get in touch to resolve this I will call directly to complain.

Richard Benjamin , 31 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi. £22.49 is the price including service charge from just eat. But the same item is currently on special offer for £13.99 in all online platforms including just eat. Please always check our special offers first. And online prices are always different than instore as these companies take upto 35% off order. But would like to apologise for the confusing cost. Do send an email as how to satisfy you.

tasty food quick delivery good prices excellent menu, please add chilli cheese nuggets to online menu

Kenny, 31 Oct 2020